Day 41 – It’s JK Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthday!

Owls and frogs and beans, oh my!

We’ve got owls, we’ve got chocolate covered frogs, we’ve got Bertie’s beans and pumpkin juice, we’ve even got a golden snitch and talking hat, are we at Hogwarts?

Almost : )

We have a family of Harry Potter fanatics, that’s what

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Day 40 – Cherries jubilee


Cherries! and red!! and they make a heart shape!

This is a fairly recent ebay find (thanks Karen Elaine!)- amazing what you get when you type in ‘vintage red tablecloth’. It’s got two of my favorite things going for it, red and cherries : ) I really like

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Day 39 – London tea

Picadilly Circus : )

On this day in 1981 Prince Charles and Diana Spencer wed in a stunning ceremony replete with enough pomp and circumstance to satisfy this California girl : )

I stayed up all night to watch it, did you?

(I stayed up all night to

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Day 38 – Jackie O’s Birthday


Fashion and style icon, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, was born today in 1929.

Her sense of style was unprecedented in the White House and because of her we have a national treasure restored and intact.

On February 14, 1962 she took the country for a tour of the partly

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Day 37 – Tea for the kids


Irridescent blues, slightly purple and cherry blossoms make this newly found set a favorite. They are tiny – the little plate is only five inches across, perfect for a kids tea party!

Tea time!

I also recently purchased this sweet tablecloth from a lovely vendor on ebay. I

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Day 36 – Abutilon tea

Bright and different!

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of the ladies of Q-13 at the Alameda Flea Market!

These are the same vendors that had the tablecloth featured in day 33. This cloth was actually on one of their tables under their ‘stuff’. I saw an edge peeking out and was

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Day 35 – Philodendron dinner



This stunner, from the 1940’s, has THE biggest, boldest leaf print of any in my collection. Of course, it was the red that caught my eye but the grey leaves that had me saying “Ohhhhh….”

And it came with napkin friends : )

Red…lots of red…

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