Day 72 – Purple Elegance

This stunning purple pitcher was my Grandma Bertha’s. She LOVED purple and we have very little from her, but we have this : )

It’s been warm, and I’ve been tired so I wanted something peaceful and a little elegant.

Purple simplicity

Lots of purple stuff! At

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Day 71 – Pink girly bows

Pink bows : )

So once again my 80’s side comes out…pink and grey and bows. All we need to really complete the picture is lace bows, do we all remember those fashion statements? Laura Ashley could do no wrong, ‘Victoria’ magazine was the BEST and if it stood still long enough,

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Day 70 – Nasturtium Lunch

Hot colors for a hot day

I so loved the flowers from yesterday that I HAD to pair them with something else and this little gem is just a random napkin. Nadine from the Alameda Flea Market had a basket of napkins, mostly singles, and I pounced on this

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Day 69 – Dots & a duck

Cool polka dots…

Today’s inspiration isn’t a tablecloth, its a glass. I’m a HUGE fan of complementary colors like this – the best explanation I’ve heard of ‘complementary ‘ is “They are opposite, yet they require each other…they bring out the best in each other”.

They certainly do : )

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Day 68 – Dinner with Calder

Calder – esque

Isn’t this amazing? I found this with the equally amazing Nadine at the Alameda Flea Market a couple of years ago. It reminded me of a Calder mobile:


When I was little we loved going to Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. We would have dinner

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Day 67 – Fruit galore

Fruit and bright colors : )

We’re back in my comfort zone – fruit AND bright colors! I figured I owed it to myself after the green/pink of yesterday. I found this gem on ebay while looking for “vintage red tablecloths”. Try it sometime – that combination of words usually brings up

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Day 66 – Pink Thai dinner

Green & pink grandma time!

This tablecloth has literally been in my way for months. Why it hasn’t been packed away to use in the future is a mystery – this is one of those ‘cutter’ cloths that I bought for a few dollars. It’s a ‘California Hand Print’ and the person

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