Day 133 – The Fortune Teller

Recognize these?

These are Gypsy Witch Fortune Telling cards, we all had a set of them growing up. You could tell your friends fortunes with these and not get into the scary world of Tarot : )

You could also play a mean game of solitaire so they’re quite versatile.

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Day 132 – Halloween Party!!


Walk through the entrance to the graveyard, if you dare…

There's something hanging from that tree…

Be careful of things in the air…

Follow the pumpkins : )

Or follow the path of the pumpkins into the party : )

Sue goes all

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Day 131 – Bats and Vampires, oh my!

HI !

I decided to combine the ‘bats’ theme with the ‘vampire’ theme since they get mixed together anyway : )

Let’s just start out with the statement “I Love Bats”. I do, I think they are one of the coolest creatures. Sue loves them and has even put up

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Day 130 – Black cat love

Meet Jazz

It’s only fitting this Halloween to have black cats show up somewhere – this is Jazz, Miss Angie’s pretty kitty man. He is not only the assistant today but the inspiration as well!

Keep in mind that old adage, never work with animals or children. There’s a reason

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Day 129 – A gaggle of gargoyles

The gargoyle leader

Isn’t she fierce?

I love gargoyles, I think they are just the coolest thing to put on a building. I wouldn’t mind having a gargoyle or two around my house someday.

They were designed to be the spouts that “convey water from a roof and

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Day 128 – A Ghostly meal

Hello my neutral friend : )

I need a break from the black and orange. I know, I know….sounds crazy but after the riot of color this past week, and OH so much orange, my eyes are tired.

Imagine my surprise at seeing a buy-one-get-one-free on the pumpkins outside of

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Day 127 – Dinner with a witch

Happy witches : )

Aren’t these cute? I bought this piece of fabric years ago, I like it because the witches don’t look ‘mean’ or ‘mad’. I like the charming side of Halloween, not the dark gore-y stuff the stores seem to promote. I’m just not into my fridge looking like body

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