Day 163 – Winter Ivy dinner

We meet again…

We first met this tablecloth day 22, set with lots of green depression glass and a quail or two. Today we’re turning our perceptions a little sideways and it looks like a winter dinner tablecloth.

It’s dark earlier and earlier, about a minute a day for another

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Day 162 – Winter cherry tea

Our favorite cherries

I took a computer class in college that taught “Conceptual Blockbusting”, looking at things in a little different way to find a solution.

Cherries are essentially a summer fruit, they blossom in the spring and are ready for picking about the time we think of fireworks. But

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Day 161 – Leaves are fallin’

Another leaf quilt : )

Years ago we had the neatest quilting store in town called Thimblecreek. They had the nicest fabrics, the greatest inspiration quilts and some of the most knowledgeable people working there. This pattern had been made so you could really get the gist of the quilt, something that

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Day 160 – Fall Leaves

Leaves : )

The good news is that it has FINALLY been cold enough to turn the leaves red! The bad news is that it has finally been cold enough to turn the leaves red.

Sue got this really lovely fall cloth from the amazing Nadine and it, of course,

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Day 159 – Christmas Magnolias


Yes, I’ve given into the Christmas thing…finally. I seem to remember a time that feels like not-so-many years ago when decorations in malls, etc. went up after Thanksgiving. I even remember one year a boyfriend working at the mall from 6 pm until about 3 am putting up all the decorations

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Day 158 – Pig Out!!

Pigs : )

Today is Pig Out – the annual party our friends Dick and Holly throw. The idea is to bring your leftovers to the party, put them amongst all the rest of the food and eat other peoples’ leftovers. Pretty genius, huh? You get rid of the food you really

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Day 157 – Thanksgiving and a cabbage challenge


This challenge came from my youngest sister, who brought over a copy of the latest Martha Stewart magazine and said “Isn’t this pretty? I want to do this for Thanksgiving.”

O K : )

If you turn to page 136 of the latest issue, ladies and gentlemen,

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