Day 182 – We’re back to glitter…

What is this?

What IS this?

This is the starting point for Sue’s genius today. She wanted to take a break from the traditional red/green Christmas and create something different so how about teal and glitter?!

Teal AND glitter!!

 The “fabric” above is actually placemats! She pulled out half a dozen glittery teal placemats and layered them on top of a teal tablecloth. Very simple and elegant. Since this is all about bling she then pulled out her sets (as in more than one!) of silver edged china. The base plate is white china with a silver band and in another box we found a similar style but with swirls around the edge.

Topping it all off are berry bowls in the snowflake design filled with some pretty spectacular ornaments : )

First on the right...

Vintage Twin star silverware adds more twinkles while the polka dot glasses just make me smile. The napkins are wrapped with beaded rings the same colors of the ornaments.

...then to the left.

Besides the centerpiece Sue’s favorite element on the table are the salt & pepper shakers. She said they were from the 80’s, I would have guessed the 50’s but they are still “vintage” and make me feel a little old. Sue said they are “very sexy”, I have to agree, they are pretty cha-cha : ) Those little tiny “glasses” above the forks are actually candles.

The centerpiece : )

Oversize leaves with feathers and a ton of glitter round out this table full o’ glitter. I never knew just how much Sue loves glitter. I’d hazard a guess that it’s about as much as my youngest sister! Just not in pink…

Tomorrow – The first night of Hanukkah (or we’re halfway through!)

184 days to go!!

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