Day 225 – Rainbow Orange : )

Oranges : )

We’ve got the gamut of oranges here! And we did say that black, white and grey were neutrals so here we go – –

Orange love : )

First I want to say that my mom inspired this one – she really likes orange and had

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Day 224 – Rainbow RED!

Yep…red : )

Yeah, this is a stretch for me : ) Do something with red and just red in it…twist my arm…

Red, red, and more red!

I guess this could be a warm-up to Valentine’s Day : )

The tablecloth is actually a piece of

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Day 223 – Placemats and a plan

The Placemat

First comes the placemat…

I found these at the Alameda Flea market in a suitcase FULL of linens. These are actually linen, but when I found them they were wadded up pieces of fabric with some red and blue showing, looked more like a wadded up dishrag that

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Day 222 – Thai Tie Dye

From Thailand

One of the joys of working at a Junior College is the kids grow up, move on and become fabulous adults (no, I really don’t consider 18 year olds “grown up” even though they are legally adults). I’d say half of my facebook friends are former students and I am

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Day 221 – A table for Carmen Miranda


What on earth is the connection between a 70’s tablecloth with fruit on it and Carmen Miranda? We’ll see in a moment : )

This is a VERY unlikely inspiration piece – frankly, in many ways I don’t even like this cloth.

WHY?? It’s got cherries and

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Day 220 – Australia Day!

From Down Under : )

I found this in a BIG pile of stuff at the Alameda Flea market. All I saw was the brown edge and a glint of yellow so I dug it out and puzzled over it a bit. When I finally figured out the subject matter I knew

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Day 219 – Hi Ho Silver!

Another dresser scarf!

I think this is my FAVORITE dresser scarf! Love the colors, the theme is adorable and the work exquisite. I think I paid $5 for exquisite : ) The edging is bias cut blue and white gingham, so long used that it’s worn. Somebody clearly loved this.


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