Day 254 – Leap year day!

It's a frog…

This is one relaxed frog : )

Trying to figure something out for our extra day this year was more challenging than we first thought. Not only are there no really good traditions to celebrate, the most oft-talked about tradition is from the British Isles where women

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Day 253 – Red Ivy…yes, red : )

Yes, red ivy…

I did say that we had lots of ivy-themed tablecloths : )

It does have one of my favorite color combos, the red and grey, but it also has that weird green that I need to be careful with. Don’t really want to evoke Christmas now that

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Day 252 – Poppytrail Breakfast : )

Metlox Poppytrail Mobile

As promised, the fabulous Poppytrail Mobile : )

Barbara and Marshall dug out their box of Poppytrail Mobile and it was better than Christmas! So much inspiration…

Breakfast : )

I just couldn’t resist playing with the colors…

The turquoise and the purple!

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Day 251 – Bobwhite brunch


I’m throwing a Bobwhite brunch today – for reasons that will be completely explained later in the week : )

The main reason is to use the basic tablecloth featured today. It’s very simple, a cotton/linen/rayon blend in a very neutral color, much like the background of the plates.

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Day 250 – Lavender and yellow leaves


This gorgeous little cloth was in amongst a stack of cutters – you can just see a little stain at the edge of one of the leaves. If that were the only issue this cloth had that would be no biggie but this is one well-used and well-loved piece. It has

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Day 249 – Barbara’s birthday!

A rose : )

This whole day is a COMPLETE surprise! It is our friend Barbara C’s birthday so my mom and I ran up to her house and using her own dishes, we set a birthday table for her. My mom brought the pink roses and all the elements for a

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Day 248 – Cheryl’s birthday!

Thai dancing girls : )

My sister Cheryl is the traveler of the family : ) She’s had adventures like almost no one else I know. (Except for friend Sharon C who has literally been to every continent but she was a flight attendant for many years so I’m not sure that

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