Day 315- Red, white and pink roses

This California Hand Print cloth came in a big pile of cutters. I looked at it as one I could make market bags with since it has a dozen small holes and three pretty good sized ones right in the middle. When I finally unfolded it and laid it out

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Day 314 – MY Irises!

I grew these! I was so excited to see them not only come up but BLOOM! Sue has some amazing, HUGE type of Iris that makes you want to cry with happiness they smell so good. I’m usually at her house just as some are finishing blooming or just ready

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Day 313 – Lunch with Sweet Pea

This is Sweet Pea, Violet’s sister. Just like human sisters they sometimes fight : ) She has the same style dishes as Violet, one with a picture of her, the other her namesake flowers.

While she eats her lunch of apples and almonds we’re eating on the deck

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Day 312 – April showers

LOTS of french knots!

This cloth was part of a large bundle of stuff I bought on ebay – it included a couple small cloths, some vintage dish towels, several dresser scarves and half a dozen sets of 70’s pillowcases, a couple even still in their original packaging!

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Day 311 – Larkspur and a baby deer

This is Wilendur “Larkspur”, and because it came from Nadine it has the matching napkins : )

While it is very pretty in that blue/pink spring way it does NOT have any deer on it but a deer had very much to do with today’s

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Day 310 – Morning glories and mums

Morning glories and mums

I was surprised to find this in Sue’s collection, it’s really MUCH more my taste with the red and all : ) I used to own this one in the red/green combo and then I used it to make market bags. The bags turned out well but I

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Day 309 – Pineapple paradise

This is another Sue cloth – she loves Hawaiiana and most things tropical so it was easy to let her have this : ) It was a Nadine find and while we have some pretty cha-cha matching napkins they didn’t originally come with it! This is the great thing about

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