Day 346 – Pride of Flanders goes to Mexico

Vibrant, bold, vintage AND Wilendur!

A recent purchase from Nadine, I couldn’t resist this little set of placemats and napkins. The “Pride of Flanders” line by Weil and Dursse refers to cloths ” made of fine European linen, primarily from Belgium. When importing products from Europe became difficult

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Day 345 – Atomic stars

This is MY favorite of all of Angies’s cloths! The two shades of turquoise are a PERFECT match to my vintage turquoise Fiesta, and if you look very carefully in the center of the large start you can make out the faint outline of a grey or silver star. I’m

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Day 344 – Mod pink, red and green

From Angie’s grandmother, who loved pink, it has some amazing graphics in the border. Planters of ivy and philodendrons so typical of the era along with a pretty cha-cha wire lamp base and fern shade means it’s most likely from the 50’s.

Since Angie’s favorite

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Day 343 – Memorial Day

Before I had breakfast this morning I read an article that started with “Please don’t say ‘Happy Memorial Day’ ” She had a point.

“This is Memorial Day, a day to remember those of our nation’s military who have died in the service of their country, from Lexington

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Day 342 – Pink Blossoms

Angie found this amongst the fabulous offerings from Nadine a while back. Pink and green is one of her favorite color combinations so she HAD to bring it home with her! When I looked at it closely it had a lot of grey so I decided to start with my

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Day 341 – Cherries and Fans

Another cloth from the collection from Angie, this is a very light weight cotton and starting to show its age with a few small holes and worn spots. We couldn’t decide on what the print was, either fans or bellows : ) I decided to go with fans, as in

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Day 340 – Wisteria

Angie inherited a pile of tablecloths from various (now deceased) relatives and I have to say, they had some gems! I would LOVE to have a wisteria vine in my yard but for now I’ll have to make due with this.

Maybe Homer Laughlin would

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