Day 366 – A Jubilee tea!

A couple months ago I decided to order 2, and only 2, side plates to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth. Took them a while to get here but they arrived in FINE style! Each plate was wrapped in layers of bubble wrap and in their own box with

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Day 365 – Bamboo!

Another stunner from Nadine, my mom decided she couldn’t live without it and I wholeheartedly agree! It is beautiful linen, in fabulous shape and is huge. My mom has an octagonal dining room table that almost nothing fits on well. This one not only fits but you can see more

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Day 364 – The Alice in Wonderland tea party

This is the final cloth from Miss Angie, one she bought at the Pleasanton Flea market last year. I love the fact that it’s card table size, for playing cards with the images of cards : ) From the snippy Queen of Hearts…

…to the

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Day 363 – Father’s Day

I’m not sure why this print makes me think of my dad, but it does : ) His favorite colors are blue and black (at least to wear) and I think of my parents having that groovy late 50’s/early 60’s vibe since that’s what my earliest memories conjure up.

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Day 362 – EARLY geranium breakfast

We are up EARLY today, going on a mini-vacation! The current Sew Weekly challenge is to make something you’d wear on vacation so we’re off to Napa for a mother-daughter day : )

It is also expected to hit 105 degrees. Fahrenheit. One hundred and

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Day 361 – Chickens at breakfast

It was our intent to use everything we owned at some point this year and I am sad to say we haven’t achieved that…yet…

Today I was able to bring two items together because of a $6 find at the last minute : )

The first

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Day 360 – Back to Australia!

This would have been a fine addition to our “Round the World” week but I didn’t own it at that time : )

This was a very recent find at the Alameda Flea market. In amongst a pile of white cloths and delicate embroidery this certainly caught my

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