Let me just say this – we have a LOT of stuff!  When Sue and I first met she was doing props and set dressing for a local theater company and I was doing costume design. We quickly discovered a mutual love of vintage – vintage kitchen ware and dishes, tablecloths and clothing, furniture and fabric. Our tastes were similar enough that we would often reach for the same thing but different enough we could let the other person have some REALLY cool piece when the occasion demanded negotiation.

Through the years we’ve moved on from the theater company but we still share the love of the hunt for vintage. We go to our local flea market when we can afford to, haunt the thrift stores and every so often we get together to share our ‘loot’ and talk about why we were drawn to an item in the first place. This blog is a way to put down our shared experiences, the family stories and make a record of personal histories. We have both been surprised by the back story of pieces we thought we knew and  this is our way of not only preserving a way of life hidden under modern conveniences but hopefully inspire others to look at things in a new light.

The table settings we’ve designed aren’t just for ‘tables’. We don’t just eat at tables any more – we eat in bed, in front of the TV, on the back deck, in the car, in a park, in the dark, in a barn on a farm…..you get the idea. With rare exception, we or a family member, own everything you see. Did I say we had a lot of stuff? This is our journey to see how we can use our stuff in new ways without buying more stuff!

Our ‘Rules’

1)       Must be FUN. If it’s not fun, we’ll stop or take a break.

2)      We’re not planning on doing “food styling”. Oh sure, we might have cookies, cupcakes, fruit or the occasional cake in our photos but that’s because we’re going to eat them as soon as we’re done. We are going to try to do the occasional party to show our ideas in action but we’re not Martha Stewart and don’t pretend to be.

3)      Everything you see we (or a family member) actually own. While we know lots of wonderful people who sell what we love we’re not going to avail ourselves of their stock. We will, however, tell you where we found our items and tell you how to find them to buy your own super cool stuff.

4)      We’re going to try to use everything we own at least once in the course of the year. If you’ve ever seen Sue’s garage you’ll understand how much of a challenge that may be. I’m looking forward to the day we try to pull out ALL her vintage picnic baskets…

5)      It must be FUN.

6)      Inspiration comes from all over. Second biggest rule is to keep eyes and mind open and don’t be afraid to think outside the box, or the bag, or the pot, or the quilt, or the jello mold. Each day will have a picture of our inspiration and the table setting it helped create. Stories about our favorite pieces, how and where we found something, why we were drawn to it and family history will be incorporated. We hope that will inspire YOU to set your own tables!

7)      Flea markets, flowers, farmers markets, thrift stores, ebay….these are all our friends. They can be yours too. Sue likes garage and estate sales, I like freecycle. Life should be an adventure, have fun!