Day 234 – Geraniums on gold

Geraniums : )

Along with ivy, geraniums are one of the more common themes of the fifties. I’ve actually done a *bit* of research and the best I can come up with is they were bold and bright, a nod to the past while people looked forward to the future. Most people

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Day 184 – Silver bells

Very traditional : )

Silver and red bells, holly and berries and red ornaments, this classic design came out of Angie’s closet. It reminds me of the lyrics:

Silver bells, silver bells It’s Christmas time in the city Ring-a-ling, hear them ring Soon it will be Christmas

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Day 181 – Gold holly

Time for holly!

I had completely forgotten about this tablecloth, it was in my “cutter” stack. While cleaning up my daughters room I found an entire stack of these cloths and this one is PERFECT for the season.

Pretty good for a cutter : )

Just so we’re all

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Day 101 – Chicken dinner

Chickens on the table

“Chickens on the table” in my house doesn’t refer to something roasted in a pan or on a platter, it means there is a chicken ON the table…as in standing on it : ) We had Pouff hop up for a photo op on day 11, she’s very

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Day 74 – Strawberry Fields


It’s still summer here in California – its in the 90’s right now! The strawberries looked so good at the store that they were the influence today.

Besides, I get to play with red and green : )Even though we hit the low 90’s it cools off pretty quick when

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Day 53 – Red, lime and blue!

Look familiar ?

Look familiar ?

If you think you’ve seen this before, you have! Or at least a version of this print…

(Look at day 17)

Goes to show that what you like once, you like again and again : ) We’re consistent, you’ve got to hand that to us!This

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Day 45 – Lime and roses

Lime goodness

Every so often I come across a pile of tablecloths all bundled together and marked as ‘cutters’, meaning they have some significant holes or stains that a serious collector would NEVER consider.

Clearly I’m not that serious : ) This lime wonder is one of those ‘cutters’. Yes, there are a few

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