Day 137 – Fall cherries

My favorite cherries

It’s been SUCH a long time since I’ve seen my favorite cherry friends. When I spied this corner in my pile today I jumped at the chance to bring it to life!

Warm cherry dinner

It’s time for a simple dinner and then curling up on

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Day 101 – Chicken dinner

Chickens on the table

“Chickens on the table” in my house doesn’t refer to something roasted in a pan or on a platter, it means there is a chicken ON the table…as in standing on it : ) We had Pouff hop up for a photo op on day 11, she’s very

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Day 77 – An outdoor bed…yes!!

Pretty violets : )

It started out so simply. This delightful cup and saucer with the violets was a present from my friend Caolifhionne (for those of you who don’t speak Gaelic just say Kee-lyn and you’re good). It has a small plate perfect for a scone or croissant so it seemed

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Day 60 – Breakfast with April

Blue…so it must be Sue?

We have here a blue tablecloth…it must be Sue’s right?

Why no, as a matter of fact! It’s mine. Another of my April Cornell purchases MANY moons ago…

Once upon a time I read that the blue/yellow combination was the most popular duo

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Day 51 – Dragonfly Dessert

Dark florals

This is another fabulous set from April Cornell, how I miss them!

I did manage to pick up the small breakfast tablecloth, a couple of pillow covers and a couple of napkins : ) And why am I referring to dragonflies in the title rather than birds? Well….goes

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Day 21 – Sunflowers in the sun

Sunflower dishes!

Don’t you just love these? It’s actually a bowl and salt and pepper shakers!

Now that the weather is ‘normal’ we can eat in leisure where we like without fear of heat stroke. I still like it outside this time of year, and I think after all the

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Day 6 – Breakfast in Plaid


So much inspiration!

So much inspiration today! The starting point was obviously the tea set but the clincher was the tulips I found at Trader Joes.

Breakfast before a flea market : )

The sun comes up early right now so I’m taking advantage of it.

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