Day 234 – Geraniums on gold

Geraniums : )

Along with ivy, geraniums are one of the more common themes of the fifties. I’ve actually done a *bit* of research and the best I can come up with is they were bold and bright, a nod to the past while people looked forward to the future. Most people

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Day 229 – Rainbow Purple!

Deep purples

If red is my all time favorite color then purple is a close second. My Grandma Bertha instilled an early love of all things purple, especially periwinkle, so I can’t help but think this would make her smile : )

Many shades of purple!

From lilac to

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Day 137 – Fall cherries

My favorite cherries

It’s been SUCH a long time since I’ve seen my favorite cherry friends. When I spied this corner in my pile today I jumped at the chance to bring it to life!

Warm cherry dinner

It’s time for a simple dinner and then curling up on

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Day 119 – Birds of a Feather

Quail : )

This is part of a set of plates my mom bought for me last year. We got a ‘deal’ on them since they were supposed to have 4 different designs and only had three plus an extra duck. Extra ducks are always good : ) The quail in this

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Day 93 – Seafood delight

LOTS of seafood!

I love the twist on the whole sea theme in this cloth – SO fifties and so cute! The first time I saw this at the flea market I couldn’t decide whether to get it or not. It was a little on the expensive side considering it has some

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Day 88 – Tea with the ‘kids’

Cute eh?

The week started out so quiet, and ended up LOUD and crazy! To combat some of the crazy I thought late afternoon tea outside, while the weather is still wonderful, would be a lovely way to start the weekend.

My ‘family’ had other ideas : )


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Day 87 – Red, grey and forget-me-nots

Working with the red yesterday was so nice I felt like continuing the trend. This cloth was a cutter, meaning it has ‘issues’, some pretty big issues at that.

Holes, stains and tears…but it also has red, grey, a pretty fabulous bow-filled middle and an adorable scallop border. Poor thing, it

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