Day 101 – Chicken dinner

Chickens on the table

“Chickens on the table” in my house doesn’t refer to something roasted in a pan or on a platter, it means there is a chicken ON the table…as in standing on it : ) We had Pouff hop up for a photo op on day 11, she’s very

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Day 85 – Acorn delight

Look at all the acorns!

Sometimes inspiration literally drops out of the sky.

I was standing out on the back porch just relishing the weather when bonk! I was hit in the head by an acorn. Some years we have a few, some years they drop off the tree by

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Day 80 – Forty-six

Childhood cancer awareness ribbon

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

In this country 46 kids a day are diagnosed with cancer.

Their ribbon color is gold, bright and shiny. We need to make the gold ribbon as prevalent as the pink, especially since the stores are already filling

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Day 70 – Nasturtium Lunch

Hot colors for a hot day

I so loved the flowers from yesterday that I HAD to pair them with something else and this little gem is just a random napkin. Nadine from the Alameda Flea Market had a basket of napkins, mostly singles, and I pounced on this

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Day 67 – Fruit galore

Fruit and bright colors : )

We’re back in my comfort zone – fruit AND bright colors! I figured I owed it to myself after the green/pink of yesterday. I found this gem on ebay while looking for “vintage red tablecloths”. Try it sometime – that combination of words usually brings up

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Day 58 – Dinner with Grandma

Dainty floral : )

This is what I call a Grandma-print. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, its just not MY thing. Normally I don’t seek these out but this one was part of a ‘cutter’ bundle so I thought, why not?

Not so 'Grandma' now!

Sue has lots

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Day 53 – Red, lime and blue!

Look familiar ?

Look familiar ?

If you think you’ve seen this before, you have! Or at least a version of this print…

(Look at day 17)

Goes to show that what you like once, you like again and again : ) We’re consistent, you’ve got to hand that to us!This

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