Day 34 – Lance Armstrong tribute

Yellow for Lance

On this day in 2005, Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France and announced his retirement from cycling. I searched my stock to find something with yellow in it that wasn’t too feminine (no roses!). I want to highlight the yellow that symbolizes the Livestrong organization’s ‘color’.

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Day 30 – Lunch blues

Turquoise and gold swirls : )

When I bought this cloth on ebay it was described as “Turquoise with gold cherries”. Well….cherries! In gold no less. It just HAD to come live with me. When it arrived I looked at the print closely and decided it was more like ‘peaches’ rather

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Day 24 – Bastille Day!

Allons enfants de la patrie – le jour de gloire est arrive!

Bastille day!

Happy Bastille Day! This is the French Independence Day, where they commemorate the storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789. This day marks the beginning of the French Revolution where the people signaled that the

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Day 21 – Sunflowers in the sun

Sunflower dishes!

Don’t you just love these? It’s actually a bowl and salt and pepper shakers!

Now that the weather is ‘normal’ we can eat in leisure where we like without fear of heat stroke. I still like it outside this time of year, and I think after all the

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Day 17 – Petunias in red and blue

Red petunias & blue leaves : )

I suppose these could also be morning glories, but since I have petunias in bloom right now I’m going with petunias.


Happy flower faces

Here we go with the round shapes! This is a

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Day 8 – Bamboo and Chinese food on the deck


Green, red and grey yummi-ness

There was something about the wonderful contrast of the bright greens against the creamy grey and that pop of RED. Did I say I like red? Love the red? Yes, love the red.

I found this small set at a new favorite

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