Day 238 – A cherry-valentine dinner

A cherry heart

What is better than a heart made of cherries for this Valentines Day? Not much… : )

Cherries upon cherries!

I did say we’d get back to red and pink, did I not?

Fabulous cherry “mugs” from Target sit on white and rose Fiesta,

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Day 180 – Bows, wreaths and holly!

A wreath and a bow

As promised we are back in the land of conventional and NO glitter!

Sue loved this print so much she bought it three times, in three different sizes for her Christmas feasts. It is the epitome of Christmas decorations to me, with its cheerful bows,

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Day 137 – Fall cherries

My favorite cherries

It’s been SUCH a long time since I’ve seen my favorite cherry friends. When I spied this corner in my pile today I jumped at the chance to bring it to life!

Warm cherry dinner

It’s time for a simple dinner and then curling up on

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Day 91 – My Grandma turns 92!

My Grandma !

My Grandma Lola turns 92 today – wow! I told her that was pretty cool being the inverse of 29 : )

She told me she doesn’t use numbers anymore but that’s a pretty good number if you ask me so I’d own it. She has some

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Day 67 – Fruit galore

Fruit and bright colors : )

We’re back in my comfort zone – fruit AND bright colors! I figured I owed it to myself after the green/pink of yesterday. I found this gem on ebay while looking for “vintage red tablecloths”. Try it sometime – that combination of words usually brings up

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Day 54 – Cherry breakfast

Cherries : )

It’s still happy summer time, the weather is great, the mornings clear and I’m hungry.

A cheery cherry table

I can spot a cherry item at 50 paces…I’ve been known to zoom in on something cherry from a full aisle away at the flea market. Sue

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Day 42 – Red, white and blue blowout

More red : )

I love red, its my favorite color, just in case there’s any question about that.

I found this tablecloth years ago, when I was dating someone who lived in Redding, which is a REALLY long ways away from Walnut Creek. There was a small antique consortium

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