Day 238 – A cherry-valentine dinner

A cherry heart

What is better than a heart made of cherries for this Valentines Day? Not much… : )

Cherries upon cherries!

I did say we’d get back to red and pink, did I not?

Fabulous cherry “mugs” from Target sit on white and rose Fiesta,

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Day 23 – RW&B cupcakes!


I did say that all kinds of things inspire us. Went downtown to get cat food, came back with cupcakes for people!

I still have quite a few red, white and blue tabelclothes and when I saw these happy creations in the store window I HAD to.Life is uncertain,

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Day 18 – Red roses and the blues

Big Rose!

Is this a perfect holiday rose or what?! We got the red, we got the blue, we’ve got scalloped borders and swirly ribbons. Time to eat!

Lunch is served : )

I’m keeping the dish colors on the quiet side today, we’re all feeling

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Day 16 – Red and blue-berries and cream

Red AND blue berries!

It’s probably obvious by now that I REALLY like these red and blue tablecloths!

In actuality the red are probably currants, but I’m just going to think of them like cherries and go from there.

Berry breakfast

It’s still

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Day 15 – Red, white and blue!

Roses, lillies and daisy's

Red and blue flowers galore today!

Did I mention that I love the red/blue combination? And that I had many to choose from? Here we go….

Time for breakfast

So I pull this one out of the stack and notice it’s

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Day 14 – *Fourth of July*


Happy Fourth!

This is one of my favorite holidays. Love the reds, the blues, the berries and the fireworks. For now, I’m loving the cupcakes, fruit and ice cream this table promises : )

Red and blue galore!

I pulled out my mom’s red-checked table cloth

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