Day 83 – TV Dinner #2

Coral and snowflakes?

So 50’s, so fab : )

After a long day of outdoor work, it feels like taking some time to watch a few specials about Patriot day is a good way to wind down the week. For our generation, this is our Pearl Harbor or JFK assasination.

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Day 70 – Nasturtium Lunch

Hot colors for a hot day

I so loved the flowers from yesterday that I HAD to pair them with something else and this little gem is just a random napkin. Nadine from the Alameda Flea Market had a basket of napkins, mostly singles, and I pounced on this

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Day 51 – Dragonfly Dessert

Dark florals

This is another fabulous set from April Cornell, how I miss them!

I did manage to pick up the small breakfast tablecloth, a couple of pillow covers and a couple of napkins : ) And why am I referring to dragonflies in the title rather than birds? Well….goes

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Day 50 – It’s a tablecloth, it’s a quilt!

It's both!!

First item featured from the 127 Yardsale : )

I found this on a table full of partially finished quilts in a large covered Agricultural Arena somewhere in the middle of Tennessee. My mom ended up buying it and I’ve borrowed it for the day. If anything

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