Day 184 – Silver bells

Very traditional : )

Silver and red bells, holly and berries and red ornaments, this classic design came out of Angie’s closet. It reminds me of the lyrics:

Silver bells, silver bells It’s Christmas time in the city Ring-a-ling, hear them ring Soon it will be Christmas

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Day 116 – Not so fall : )

Hello bright florals : )

We’re having topsy-turvy weather around here. Normally this time of year is gorgeous, 70’s, cool nights…but you know something is askew when its warmer in South San Francisco, where I work, and Walnut Creek, where I live. If its 68 degrees there it should be around 80+

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Day 74 – Strawberry Fields


It’s still summer here in California – its in the 90’s right now! The strawberries looked so good at the store that they were the influence today.

Besides, I get to play with red and green : )Even though we hit the low 90’s it cools off pretty quick when

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Day 49 – Sunflowers and ivy

Green and yellow…

I was torn about the inspiration today, I had two really…

and sunflowers : )

I love the ivy on this cloth, the graphic is bold and cheerful so when I was sorting through the dishes I thought it needed something equally bold and cheerful and

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Day 47 – Koala love

Awwwww : )

Once again, looking for vintage turquoise tablecloths on ebay, I found this gem. It was really too cute to pass up! It reminded me of the story of Sam the Koala rescued from the firetorn region of Mirboo (southeast of Melbourne), whose rescue was captured on a cell

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Day 40 – Cherries jubilee


Cherries! and red!! and they make a heart shape!

This is a fairly recent ebay find (thanks Karen Elaine!)- amazing what you get when you type in ‘vintage red tablecloth’. It’s got two of my favorite things going for it, red and cherries : ) I really like

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Day 22 – Ivy with green glass

The ivy…

We start with ivy…the colors of this cloth are stunning. They did well in their color choices and the inks have survived really well all these years. Now to add the glass…

and the glass!

The glass in this case is all depression, and as the perfect

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