Day 238 – A cherry-valentine dinner

A cherry heart

What is better than a heart made of cherries for this Valentines Day? Not much… : )

Cherries upon cherries!

I did say we’d get back to red and pink, did I not?

Fabulous cherry “mugs” from Target sit on white and rose Fiesta,

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Day 232 – Pink farm fields

Pink fields

I get the grey stone house but pink fields? Must be from the 50’s!

When you really look a the design of that house it’s pretty cool. Two story, lots of windows, huge fireplace…I used to think that would be where I would eventually live, maybe somewhere in

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Day 136 – Fans galore

Pretty and delicate

Still feeling the desire for quiet and calm I pulled this small cloth out. It was a purchase from Nadine, complete with the pink-edged napkins. My mind started to wander over what I knew about fans which was surprisingly little. I was very pleased, when I typed ‘fans’ into

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Day 120 – The calm before the Halloween storm

If it's blue…

It must be Sue’s and it is, a favorite to boot. What better way to spend the last remaining hours until we plunge headlong into our thirteen days of Halloween fun?!

But for now, the calm. The serene combination of blue, grey and white. SHhhhhhhh……..


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Day 118 – Brittany’s Birthday!!!


Today is my wonderful, talented, brilliant and beautiful daughters’ birthday!!

Twenty-six years ago she came into this world, a little early, a little startled and very small. It was just the two of us for many years, and along with the support of her grandparents and some very good

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Day 88 – Tea with the ‘kids’

Cute eh?

The week started out so quiet, and ended up LOUD and crazy! To combat some of the crazy I thought late afternoon tea outside, while the weather is still wonderful, would be a lovely way to start the weekend.

My ‘family’ had other ideas : )


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Day 87 – Red, grey and forget-me-nots

Working with the red yesterday was so nice I felt like continuing the trend. This cloth was a cutter, meaning it has ‘issues’, some pretty big issues at that.

Holes, stains and tears…but it also has red, grey, a pretty fabulous bow-filled middle and an adorable scallop border. Poor thing, it

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