Day 250 – Lavender and yellow leaves


This gorgeous little cloth was in amongst a stack of cutters – you can just see a little stain at the edge of one of the leaves. If that were the only issue this cloth had that would be no biggie but this is one well-used and well-loved piece. It has

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Day 116 – Not so fall : )

Hello bright florals : )

We’re having topsy-turvy weather around here. Normally this time of year is gorgeous, 70’s, cool nights…but you know something is askew when its warmer in South San Francisco, where I work, and Walnut Creek, where I live. If its 68 degrees there it should be around 80+

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Day 88 – Tea with the ‘kids’

Cute eh?

The week started out so quiet, and ended up LOUD and crazy! To combat some of the crazy I thought late afternoon tea outside, while the weather is still wonderful, would be a lovely way to start the weekend.

My ‘family’ had other ideas : )


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Day 78 – A Celebration of Refrigerator ware

More fruit : )

Now how do we get from berries and cherries to refrigerator ware?

The answer is not in the berries but in the background…That BLUE!! The blue in this cloth is the perfect shade of blue, matching my newly acquired refrigerator ware! Waaayyyyy back…when you bought a

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Day 68 – Dinner with Calder

Calder – esque

Isn’t this amazing? I found this with the equally amazing Nadine at the Alameda Flea Market a couple of years ago. It reminded me of a Calder mobile:


When I was little we loved going to Ghirardelli Square in San Francisco. We would have dinner

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Day 67 – Fruit galore

Fruit and bright colors : )

We’re back in my comfort zone – fruit AND bright colors! I figured I owed it to myself after the green/pink of yesterday. I found this gem on ebay while looking for “vintage red tablecloths”. Try it sometime – that combination of words usually brings up

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Day 65 – Hot, hot, hot fiesta!


It’s a little warm here : ) Just a little…

This tablecloth is just full of heat – I bought it at the 127 Yard Sale on a very warm day. The biggest difference between their 96 degrees and ours is the humidity. We have almost none, theirs hovers

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