Day 75 – A quiet classical breakfast

I just found this on ebay – loved it not only for its blue/grey simplicity but also for its balance of design. It also reminds me of something classically Greek which I tend to like for it’s symmetry and balance.

Wow…sounds like school started!

Before the goodies

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Day 39 – London tea

Picadilly Circus : )

On this day in 1981 Prince Charles and Diana Spencer wed in a stunning ceremony replete with enough pomp and circumstance to satisfy this California girl : )

I stayed up all night to watch it, did you?

(I stayed up all night to

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Day 28 – Berry Breakfast


Berries and cherries and a couple apples for good measure!

Time for breakfast.Yes, I said we aren’t going to do food styling and yes, there is food here : )

More importantly, there is BREAKFAST here!

Time for berries and oatmeal and cream : )

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Day 23 – RW&B cupcakes!


I did say that all kinds of things inspire us. Went downtown to get cat food, came back with cupcakes for people!

I still have quite a few red, white and blue tabelclothes and when I saw these happy creations in the store window I HAD to.Life is uncertain,

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Day 13 – It’s Berry time!


It’s Berry time here in California!

I think July is one of my favorite months just because of the fruit. Not only do we still have an abundance of strawberries, but now the rest are coming ripe – blueberries, raspberries, the stone fruits…so July is going

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