Day 231 – Periwinkle keys


I found this at my friend Tim’s shop, The Steffen Collection, in Martinez. The coolest thing about this is one half the table it white on the periwinkle background, and the other half is the reverse!

Half & half : )

Isn’t this COOL??! I couldn’t resist…

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Day 75 – A quiet classical breakfast

I just found this on ebay – loved it not only for its blue/grey simplicity but also for its balance of design. It also reminds me of something classically Greek which I tend to like for it’s symmetry and balance.

Wow…sounds like school started!

Before the goodies

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Day 37 – Tea for the kids


Irridescent blues, slightly purple and cherry blossoms make this newly found set a favorite. They are tiny – the little plate is only five inches across, perfect for a kids tea party!

Tea time!

I also recently purchased this sweet tablecloth from a lovely vendor on ebay. I

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Day 36 – Abutilon tea

Bright and different!

Today’s inspiration comes courtesy of the ladies of Q-13 at the Alameda Flea Market!

These are the same vendors that had the tablecloth featured in day 33. This cloth was actually on one of their tables under their ‘stuff’. I saw an edge peeking out and was

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Day 25 – Red Ribbons & Roses

The roses…

When I unfolded this tablecloth from the pile and saw not only the red and blue border but…

…and the ribbons!

the ribbons and swirls in the center, it all made me smile : )

We’ve got my favorite red, my favorite blue AND a

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Day 18 – Red roses and the blues

Big Rose!

Is this a perfect holiday rose or what?! We got the red, we got the blue, we’ve got scalloped borders and swirly ribbons. Time to eat!

Lunch is served : )

I’m keeping the dish colors on the quiet side today, we’re all feeling

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Day 6 – Breakfast in Plaid


So much inspiration!

So much inspiration today! The starting point was obviously the tea set but the clincher was the tulips I found at Trader Joes.

Breakfast before a flea market : )

The sun comes up early right now so I’m taking advantage of it.

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