Day 230 – The Rainbow!

LOTS of color!

If this looks vaguely familiar its because I own its cousin, and we used it Day 7 (Dinner is Served). Both came from Nadine and both are Wilendur prints. This just seemed like the right one to end a week of rainbow tablesettings.

The WHOLE rainbow!

Day 230 – The Rainbow!

Day 135 – A celebration of Cattails

Cattails and wheat

After the color explosion of the last two weeks, and especially yesterday, this looks downright quiet : )

We grew up in an area with creeks and hills, wild mustard running rampant in the spring and creeks full of cattails in the fall. Now when I walk

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Day 88 – Tea with the ‘kids’

Cute eh?

The week started out so quiet, and ended up LOUD and crazy! To combat some of the crazy I thought late afternoon tea outside, while the weather is still wonderful, would be a lovely way to start the weekend.

My ‘family’ had other ideas : )


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Day 53 – Red, lime and blue!

Look familiar ?

Look familiar ?

If you think you’ve seen this before, you have! Or at least a version of this print…

(Look at day 17)

Goes to show that what you like once, you like again and again : ) We’re consistent, you’ve got to hand that to us!This

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Day 46 – Not your 80’s rose and grey

NOT the 80's!

This is NOT your typical 80’s rose and grey! I should know, I was a total rose/grey devotee in the 1980’s. I thought it was the be-all and end-all color combo, that we had reached our pinnacle. I was young <g>.

Told you… : )

Day 46 – Not your 80’s rose and grey

Day 15 – Red, white and blue!

Roses, lillies and daisy's

Red and blue flowers galore today!

Did I mention that I love the red/blue combination? And that I had many to choose from? Here we go….

Time for breakfast

So I pull this one out of the stack and notice it’s

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