Day 83 – TV Dinner #2

Coral and snowflakes?

So 50’s, so fab : )

After a long day of outdoor work, it feels like taking some time to watch a few specials about Patriot day is a good way to wind down the week. For our generation, this is our Pearl Harbor or JFK assasination.

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Day 50 – It’s a tablecloth, it’s a quilt!

It's both!!

First item featured from the 127 Yardsale : )

I found this on a table full of partially finished quilts in a large covered Agricultural Arena somewhere in the middle of Tennessee. My mom ended up buying it and I’ve borrowed it for the day. If anything

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Day 32 – Drinks & dessert in the garden


Check out this AMAZING glass and ice bucket set! Complete with handy carrier, it features eight glasses, two of each color combo, circling a glass ice bucket complete with original tongs.

These are in nearly perfect shape, from the 50’s or early 60’s and just scream fun, fun, fun!

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Day 20 – My Mom’s Birthday!

Favorite colors!

These are my mom’s favorite colors! She loves blue and orange, or coral, and turquoise and orange. So I went shopping specifically for a tablecloth in that color combo and this is what I found at the flea market thanks to Nadine!

Happy Birthday dinner

This became

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Day 12 – Tulips and ducks



How can you resist these? Clearly I couldn’t…

Ducks and tulips

When I saw the orange tulips and Trader Joe’s I just KNEW which tablecloth they would go with. This is a gorgeous deco-inspired piece, possibly from the 40’s. It just demanded the orange and red Fiesta with the

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Day 7 – Dinner is Served



How’s this for a happy combination of color and design?

It’s summer, it’s warm, it’s time to eat drink and be merry and with this tablecloth, you can’t help but smile. This is totally my “thing” – lots of red; clear, strong yellows, oranges and greens with

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