Day 229 – Rainbow Purple!

Deep purples

If red is my all time favorite color then purple is a close second. My Grandma Bertha instilled an early love of all things purple, especially periwinkle, so I can’t help but think this would make her smile : )

Many shades of purple!

From lilac to

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Day 119 – Birds of a Feather

Quail : )

This is part of a set of plates my mom bought for me last year. We got a ‘deal’ on them since they were supposed to have 4 different designs and only had three plus an extra duck. Extra ducks are always good : ) The quail in this

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Day 51 – Dragonfly Dessert

Dark florals

This is another fabulous set from April Cornell, how I miss them!

I did manage to pick up the small breakfast tablecloth, a couple of pillow covers and a couple of napkins : ) And why am I referring to dragonflies in the title rather than birds? Well….goes

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Day 41 – It’s JK Rowling and Harry Potter’s birthday!

Owls and frogs and beans, oh my!

We’ve got owls, we’ve got chocolate covered frogs, we’ve got Bertie’s beans and pumpkin juice, we’ve even got a golden snitch and talking hat, are we at Hogwarts?

Almost : )

We have a family of Harry Potter fanatics, that’s what

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Day 31 – Green & purple pansy love!

The green in this cloth is SO bright its nearly neon! I mean seriously, my daughter has the chartreuse Fiesta dishes and they were a little ‘sedate’ with this!

Make it work!

Even my lime green dining room is ‘calm’ compared to this riot of color : )

So here’s

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Day 27 – Breakfast with Minnie!

Polka dots!

Today, in 1955, Walt Disney threw open the gates of Disneyland and changed the world! I have MANY fond memories of trips to Disneyland both growing up and then taking my daughter as she grew up. Today, we celebrate Minnie : )

Red and dots galore


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