Day 228 – Rainbow Blue

The blues

After the issues with greens yesterday I wasn’t about to get too confident about the blues today but things worked out well, I think : )

Blue circles

I had exactly the opposite problem – LOTS of blues! I’ve even got two versions of this, only slightly

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Day 135 – A celebration of Cattails

Cattails and wheat

After the color explosion of the last two weeks, and especially yesterday, this looks downright quiet : )

We grew up in an area with creeks and hills, wild mustard running rampant in the spring and creeks full of cattails in the fall. Now when I walk

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Day 101 – Chicken dinner

Chickens on the table

“Chickens on the table” in my house doesn’t refer to something roasted in a pan or on a platter, it means there is a chicken ON the table…as in standing on it : ) We had Pouff hop up for a photo op on day 11, she’s very

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Day 100 – It’s a Brady dinner!

Pretty groovy : )

Can you believe this print?! Can you believe it’s NEW?! This is one amazing piece of cotton I found at IKEA, of all places, just this last spring. The graphics and colors of this screamed flower-power-sixties to me, and that led me to the grooviest family I wanted

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Day 94 – Erica’s birthday!

Today is the birthday of my youngest sister, Erica. If ever there was a girly girl she is it. When she was little she was ALL about pink and glittery things. One year I gave her a tiara for her birthday because she is such a princess : )

This year

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Day 93 – Seafood delight

LOTS of seafood!

I love the twist on the whole sea theme in this cloth – SO fifties and so cute! The first time I saw this at the flea market I couldn’t decide whether to get it or not. It was a little on the expensive side considering it has some

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Day 92 – A Lemony thicket

Not lemons…

That’s right, they’re roses not lemons. And very old-lady-grandma roses at that, not really my style but I had an ulterior motive when I bought this. It will make a return appearance later : )

Then I was out walking the dog VERY early and came across a

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