Day 86 – Sunflowers and Refrigerator-ware Part Deux

Haven’t played with red, blue and yellow for a while, and the sunflowers still look amazing. Before we slide into fall I thought it would be nice for a little more summer : )

Dinner at dusk

I’m almost sure I found this tablecloth on ebay. SO much good stuff

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Day 85 – Acorn delight

Look at all the acorns!

Sometimes inspiration literally drops out of the sky.

I was standing out on the back porch just relishing the weather when bonk! I was hit in the head by an acorn. Some years we have a few, some years they drop off the tree by

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Day 81 – Back to school

Wake up!

This is the cutest chicken cloth – chickens and roosters and schoolhouses, from the wondrous Nadine at the Alameda Flea Market.

It seemed fitting to celebrate the first week back to school!

It has cooled down a bit but still nicely warm. Time to put feet

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Day 80 – Forty-six

Childhood cancer awareness ribbon

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

In this country 46 kids a day are diagnosed with cancer.

Their ribbon color is gold, bright and shiny. We need to make the gold ribbon as prevalent as the pink, especially since the stores are already filling

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Day 49 – Sunflowers and ivy

Green and yellow…

I was torn about the inspiration today, I had two really…

and sunflowers : )

I love the ivy on this cloth, the graphic is bold and cheerful so when I was sorting through the dishes I thought it needed something equally bold and cheerful and

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Day 21 – Sunflowers in the sun

Sunflower dishes!

Don’t you just love these? It’s actually a bowl and salt and pepper shakers!

Now that the weather is ‘normal’ we can eat in leisure where we like without fear of heat stroke. I still like it outside this time of year, and I think after all the

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Summer Solstice – Day 1

It’s summer!! We’re celebrating the long days with yard work and lots of iced tea. How about you?

Our inspiration for this table is Sue’s Earth vase. The craftsman almost didn’t sell it to her because it was ‘the most perfect of all the ones he made’. I agree, this is pretty

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