Day 255 – Scones and roses

Blue, yes blue, roses

Blue roses…

I bought this cloth in a big bundle from a very nice lady at the Alameda Flea market last month. I wasn’t sure I wanted it, although its in pretty good condition, but Angie talked me into it : )

I decided

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Day 228 – Rainbow Blue

The blues

After the issues with greens yesterday I wasn’t about to get too confident about the blues today but things worked out well, I think : )

Blue circles

I had exactly the opposite problem – LOTS of blues! I’ve even got two versions of this, only slightly

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Day 69 – Dots & a duck

Cool polka dots…

Today’s inspiration isn’t a tablecloth, its a glass. I’m a HUGE fan of complementary colors like this – the best explanation I’ve heard of ‘complementary ‘ is “They are opposite, yet they require each other…they bring out the best in each other”.

They certainly do : )

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Day 63 – Tea on a Swing

Turquoise love : )

This was merely the final piece of the puzzle so let’s go back to the beginning.It’s a lazy day…we’re all still recovering and the weather is lovely. It *almost* feels like fall!

I’m thinking a book and a nap under the blue sky is a fine

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Day 58 – Dinner with Grandma

Dainty floral : )

This is what I call a Grandma-print. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, its just not MY thing. Normally I don’t seek these out but this one was part of a ‘cutter’ bundle so I thought, why not?

Not so 'Grandma' now!

Sue has lots

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Day 47 – Koala love

Awwwww : )

Once again, looking for vintage turquoise tablecloths on ebay, I found this gem. It was really too cute to pass up! It reminded me of the story of Sam the Koala rescued from the firetorn region of Mirboo (southeast of Melbourne), whose rescue was captured on a cell

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Day 44 – The 127 Yard Sale!

The Longest Yard Sale!

What do we have here?

It’s a map…a treasure map…we’re off to the Longest Yard Sale!! The sale itself starts in Gasden, Alabama (August 4-7 this year) goes up through Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio and in to Michigan. My mom and I are flying into Nashville,

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