Day 258 – Chartreuse & Ivy

Yes, more ivy : )

Because we said goodbye to one of our friends yesterday it seemed comforting to bring another one back.

We’ve used this cloth and couple of times before and I love the contrast of the red vines with the white border and green leaves and center

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Day 254 – Leap year day!

It's a frog…

This is one relaxed frog : )

Trying to figure something out for our extra day this year was more challenging than we first thought. Not only are there no really good traditions to celebrate, the most oft-talked about tradition is from the British Isles where women

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Day 239 – Happy Valentines Day!

Red hearts : )

Happy Valentine Day : )

Invite a friend to spend some time with you.

Polka dots and hearts

We’re trying to not be too cutesy, just cute enough to be appropriate without diabetes kicking in : )

Keeping things simple we

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Day 238 – A cherry-valentine dinner

A cherry heart

What is better than a heart made of cherries for this Valentines Day? Not much… : )

Cherries upon cherries!

I did say we’d get back to red and pink, did I not?

Fabulous cherry “mugs” from Target sit on white and rose Fiesta,

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Day 237 – Red Morning Glory morning : )

RED morning glory's!

If this looks familiar, it’s because I also have this in orange : ) It’s good to be consistent. Both sets were purchased from Nadine, both have napkins and I *think* she said the orange was less common that the red but hey – this is RED!

Day 237 – Red Morning Glory morning : )

Day 231 – Periwinkle keys


I found this at my friend Tim’s shop, The Steffen Collection, in Martinez. The coolest thing about this is one half the table it white on the periwinkle background, and the other half is the reverse!

Half & half : )

Isn’t this COOL??! I couldn’t resist…

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Day 228 – Rainbow Blue

The blues

After the issues with greens yesterday I wasn’t about to get too confident about the blues today but things worked out well, I think : )

Blue circles

I had exactly the opposite problem – LOTS of blues! I’ve even got two versions of this, only slightly

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