Day 135 – A celebration of Cattails

Cattails and wheat

After the color explosion of the last two weeks, and especially yesterday, this looks downright quiet : )

We grew up in an area with creeks and hills, wild mustard running rampant in the spring and creeks full of cattails in the fall. Now when I walk

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Day 117 – Comfort Breakfast

Feisty rooster : )

One of the ‘secrets’ of being an adult that no one ever tells you about when you’re growing up is that you will have ‘weeks’, weeks where NOTHING seems to go right or well.

Maybe they CAN tell you, but what 8 or 11 or 14

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Day 65 – Hot, hot, hot fiesta!


It’s a little warm here : ) Just a little…

This tablecloth is just full of heat – I bought it at the 127 Yard Sale on a very warm day. The biggest difference between their 96 degrees and ours is the humidity. We have almost none, theirs hovers

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Day 34 – Lance Armstrong tribute

Yellow for Lance

On this day in 2005, Lance Armstrong won his seventh Tour de France and announced his retirement from cycling. I searched my stock to find something with yellow in it that wasn’t too feminine (no roses!). I want to highlight the yellow that symbolizes the Livestrong organization’s ‘color’.

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Day 32 – Drinks & dessert in the garden


Check out this AMAZING glass and ice bucket set! Complete with handy carrier, it features eight glasses, two of each color combo, circling a glass ice bucket complete with original tongs.

These are in nearly perfect shape, from the 50’s or early 60’s and just scream fun, fun, fun!

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Day 6 – Breakfast in Plaid


So much inspiration!

So much inspiration today! The starting point was obviously the tea set but the clincher was the tulips I found at Trader Joes.

Breakfast before a flea market : )

The sun comes up early right now so I’m taking advantage of it.

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Lemonade – Day 2

Lemonade Inspiration

Today’s inspiration is lemonade, since we’re havin’ a heat wave! Icy,tangy, sweet, doesn’t get much better. Sue found this amazing pitcher and glass set for ‘next to nothing’ which probably means about five bucks. How can you not love the lemon-and-lime love? I pulled out some of my April Cornell linens. Remember

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